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Indexer LPTIndexer LPT
Covering a broad range of automation applications, since 1989 Indexer LPT has been the choice for smooth, reliable, well documented and supported motion control. Use with Ability Systems’ application programs, like G Code Controller or HPGL Controller, for a complete solution, or with user-written applications in commonly known programming languages like BASIC, C(++) or Delphi (Pascal).
Part No 128-60 (USA). Part No. 131-1 (for Export)
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Indexer LPT-JS
The hardware component of Indexer LPT is packaged into a hand sized control pendant, accommodating a variety of features including joystick jog, conveniently accessible positioning options, feed rate override, feed hold and cycle start.
Part No 151-20 (USA). Part No. 151-21 (for Export)
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G Code ControllerG Code Controller
Designed for the production environment with special considerations for safety and ease of use. G Code Controller incorporates features that you would expect from a sophisticated CNC controller and then some, including simplified job setup and recovery procedures, as well as unparalleled smoothness.
Part No 129-1
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G Code ControllerHPGL Controller
Ideal for 2 and 2 ½ dimensional work, where low cost drawing software, such as Corel Draw, can be used to generate simple or complex patterns. HPGL Controller also includes a graphical editor with tool path ordering and offset features. You can even generate point to point patterns on the machine itself with the optional joystick control, and then apply radius offset compensation for part replication. Setups and operator interface are forward compatible with G Code Controller.
Part No 127-20
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