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Indexer LPT is an inexpensive yet powerful software based motion processor suitable for use in a variety of automation applications, simple and complex.

Machine Collage
GCC Summary

G Code Controller
CNC features that you never thought possible in a low cost controller, combining a graphical part program developement, animation and verification environment into a powerful, PC based motion controller.

HPGL Controller Summary


HPGL Controller
Bridges the gap between familiar, low cost drawing programs and your customized, computer controlled machine.

We Specialize in Software Based Motion Control: Since 1984, Ability Systems has pioneered innovative methods of automation and motor control. Using a modular approach to constructing motion control systems, sophisticated and reliable manufacturing systems can be engineered using readily available and cost effective components. Though originally designed for general purpose automation, over the years the Indexer LPT has evolved into a powerful motion processor used primarily in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) applications.

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