G Code Controller Version 2 Upgrade

Easy to Install and Backward Compatible

The upgrade is available via Email. The entire upgrade is contained in a single executable file, and you don't have to de-install your working version to use the new one. All of your setups carry over to the new version, and the new version is designed to work with files from the older versions. No wiring changes are necessary

Simplified User Interface

Simplified UI

The menu structure is essentially unchanged, but has been improved in visibility, appearance and accessibility. Menus are context sensitive, simplifying operation by only presenting selections that are relevant to state of the task at hand.

Improved Graphics


Zoom and Pan features have been enhanced and made more interactive with machine operation. The Orthographic view (now the default view) can zoom to any extent. The view settings can be saved for rapid job identification. Simulation can be simultaneously displayed in both Orthographic and 3D windows.

Start or Resume from Anywhere

Resume to Dialog

The Simulator more fully interacts with the Production operation, allowing you to advance to any part of the tool path to start or resume an operation. The new Resume Feed to manual control dialog assists you in moving the stages to the position in the tool path where automatic operation should proceed.

Advanced Recovery from an Interrupted Job

Recovery from a broken tool or flame out (for flame cutters) is now very much easier. The Simulator shows where the Feed Hold interruption occurred, and gives you the option to Resume from there or a prior position (or any position) in the tool path. The new Resume Feed to dialog makes careful placement of the tool to the recovery position much easier.

Dialogs and Controls Automatically Resize to Suit your Configuration

Resized Resume to Dialog

How much is enough screen space? Answer: More screen space. Controls and read-outs automatically resize to display your exact machine configuration. Configure one to six stages.

Smoothly Change Feed Rates within a Contour

The prior version permitted programmed feed rate change for each contour before and after initial entry into a cutting profile. The new version accepts F commands anywhere within the contour. This is especially useful for operations that require smooth slowing into corner radii.

M Code Activation While Motors are Moving

Some applications require an output to be activated at specific points in the tool path while the motors are moving, and without interrupting smooth tool path motion. This feature is supported in the upgrade.

Use of Feed Rate Override with the Joystick

The joystick control was always a convenient means of manual positioning, but with the introduction of feed rate override to the joystick mode it’s now even more naturally controllable. With one hand on the feed rate override dial you can slow as you use the joystick with the other hand to position rapidly and accurately.

Enhanced Accommodation for Automatic Tool Changing

You can now initialize pick up and drop off locations for each tool in the Startup List dialog. This feature just makes it easier to access tools from multiple positions in a tool tray, without the need of a carousel to present each tool to a single tool change position.

Users Guide Available

Available for downloading here.