Example Uses: These are just a few of the many applications successfully implemented using our open architecture motion control software.

Multi-Axis Positioning stages for:

CNC machines . Robotics . Microscopes . Laser Optics . Valve positioning . Automatic computer controlled milling and engraving . Plasma and laser cutting . Automatic Test Equipment . Machine Vision Systems . Automatic parts feeding . Glue dispensing . . Winder applications . Motorized cylinders . CAD/CAM interfacing . Pick and place.

Indexer LPT is used numerous milling, engraving, routing, plasma, and laser cutting applications. CAD programs are used to generate the tool patterns. These patterns are used to control Indexer LPT.

Indexer LPT is used in various retrofit conversions of machine tools for low cost and easy to use CNC capability. The tools include lathes, milling, and drilling machines.

Indexer LPT is used in laser etching and cutting equipment. In one interesting installation, our HPGL Controller for Windows accepts plot files from hospital MRI processors. Layers are laser cut and stacked to give the doctor and patient a three dimensional model of the organ to be operated on. Indexer LPT is used in wire EDM machines in up to 4 axes. The "feed hold" feature is used monitor the gap. User written software retracts and adjusts speed. In this type of application the feed rate override feature can be used for continuous adaptive spark gap control.

Indexer LPT is used in a three-dimensional digitizing/milling machine. The "feed hold" feature is used with a touch probe on the vertical axis. The user written program probes complex surfaces, recording the touch points via Indexer LPT's position tracking. Duplicate parts are made on the same machine by replacing the touch probe with a cutting spindle.

Indexer LPT is used in numerous laboratory applications in conjunction with data acquisition equipment.

Indexer LPT is used in a textile mill. Step motors are used to control an embroidery machine. Patterns developed via CAD are used to generate Indexer LPT command files.

Indexer LPT is used in stress-strain testers. A step motor is used to apply the strain, while a computer monitored load cell measures the stress.

Indexer LPT is used to position many different types of optical components, including video cameras, lasers, optics, and microscope stages.

Indexer LPT is used in special effects houses to position video cameras and physical components for frame capturing animation.

Indexer LPT is used in various university and industrial environments to control gantry type and articulated robotic arms in up to six simultaneous axes.

Indexer LPT is used in a high school to help teach fundamentals of computing. A university professor has written a proposal to the NEA advocating the use of Indexer LPT in high school technical programs.

Indexer LPT was used in a high school science fair project to control a pick and place handler. A two axis gantry was made out of poplar (wood) planks, aluminum angle, and 1/4-20 threaded rod. The gantry was mounted over three vertical posts. Over the posts were placed doughnut shaped objects that were grasped by means of an electromagnet mounted on the vertical stage. The project demonstrated the solution to the "Towers of Hanoi" programming problem by physically transferring the objects from one post to another in ascending order of size. Indexer LPT controlled the motors and the electromagnet. The host program was written in "C" with CASE tools assistance.

Indexer LPT is used in several colleges to teach computerized motion control and CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques.

Indexer LPT is used in specialized lens grinding machines. It is also used in machines that manufacture contact lenses.

Indexer LPT is used in machines that automatically manufacture specialty parts for scientific applications.

Indexer LPT is used in machines that cut end patterns on steel tubes for perfect fit joining to weld at various angles.

Indexer LPT is used to control motors and solenoids for special theatre lighting effects.

Indexer LPT is used in automation equipment using stepper motors to replace manual indexers, geneva movements and cam followers.