Serious Boat Building

Did you ever meet someone who simply had a feel for making things work. Well, Tom is one of those people. We think that's the reason why his company is one of the most prominent manufacturers of shallow water fishing skiffs. We also think that's the reason he chose our controls over the confusing number of options that are available today. Tom needed to increase the speed at which he could prototype, build masters, and cut high density foam used in boat parts, and we are proud to have helped him make it happen. Similar to the boats that he designs, his 3D cutting machine is simple, stiff and strong. He uses our Indexer LPT and G Code Controller for continuous 3D contouring. Part programs for the parts shown here were generated using Visual Mill.

Tom designed, constructed, and had his machine fully operational in less than two months. Since Tom's area of expertise is mainly mechanical engineering, and not controls, Tom took advantage of our willingness to help him over the telephone. But as far as we're concerned it was more fun than burdensome. Tom has now helped a few build machines simular to his. In the mean time, if you want to buy a serious fishing skiff, give us a call and we'll give you Tom's home page and company telephone number. But if you want to take your manufacturing operation to the next level of automation, like Tom did, ask about our G Code Controller and Indexer LPT!

Boatbuildin Images